"WHat makes a story queer," BARNESANDNOBLE.COM
JUNE 13, 2019

At a recent event for my new book Magic for Liars, someone in the audience asked a question I’ve been wanting to answer since I finished writing it.

"Sarah Gailey on Bodily Autonomy and Magic," BOOKISH.COM
JUNE 4, 2019

Love spells are bad.

"The enduring legacy of bunnicula," BARNESANDNOBLE.COM
MAY 2, 2019

In the Spring of 1979, Bunnicula hit shelves. And it stayed there.

"Revolutionary Honesty: Mallory O'Meara's Lady From the Black Lagoon," TOR.COM
MArch 5, 2019

In the first episode of her YouTube series, Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova discusses the nature of truth and memory.

"The 7 Scariest stories to tell in the dark," BARNESANDNOBLE.COM
FEBRUARY 18, 2019

This August, the worst nightmares of a generation will come to life in the film adaptation of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Alvin Schwartz’s anthology of American folktales originally published in 1981.

"Highway to the Danger Zone: The Heterosexual Tragedy of Top Gun," tor.COM
JANUARY 14, 2019

Top Gun is a motion picture. Say what you will about it: it’s a film, and that’s undeniable.

"7 Books That Helped Me Survive 2018," Tor.com
December 18, 2018

2018 was a hell of a decade.

"Iconic outerwear of sff literature, ranked," barnesandnoble.com
December 17, 2018

gimme more p o c k e t s

"The Future tornadoes want: twister," Tor.com
July 18, 2018

jan de bont's twister is an expression of patriarchal fear of feminism in the family structure. also tornadoes.

"between the coats," book smugglers
june 12, 2018

I’m queer, which is why I always thought I’d be dead by now.

"Space Dads for america: armageddon," Tor.com
June 5, 2018

michael bay's armageddon is about the american subconscious desire to be the abusive father figure to a grateful world

"Vanity, Patriarchy, and Futility: Death Becomes Her," Tor.com
May 15, 2018

Robert Zemeckis’ Death Becomes Her is an ode to the perils of mortal sin

"Fear No Evil: On Sorting Hats and Forest Gods," BarnesandNoble.com
February 26, 2018

Step forward and allow your teacher to place the omniscient, transdimensional sapient hat upon your head. Yes, sapient. More than sentient. It is no magic mirror, no crystal ball. 

"Hippos, Worldbuilding, and Amateur Map-Making," Tor.com
February 15, 2018

Her lips brushed the mic, and her voice was a little distorted by her enthusiasm, and she said “Okay, but can we talk about maps?”

"Gods and Beggars," Locus
January 5, 2018

How might a God test the worthiness of their people?

"2017 Book Yelling Round-Up With Sarah Gailey," The Book Smugglers
December 7, 2017

read these things. now.

"Fear of the Female Voice," Tor.com
December 4, 2017

  a strange woman just told you to do something, and you listened.

"The Date I Witnessed Between Wolf Girl and James Spader’s Lonely Doppelganger," Tor.com
October 26, 2017

what follows is a true story. (happy halloween?)

"This Future Looks Familiar: Watching Blade Runner in 2017," Tor.com
October 3, 2017

i told a lot of people that i was going to watch blade runner for the first time, because i know that people have opinions about blade runner. all of them gave me a few watery opinions to keep in mind going in. none of them told me the right things, though.

"Harry Potter: A Beginner's Guide to Evaluating Authority," B&N Sci-FI
September 14, 2017

harry potter is not a resistance manual. harry potter is a guidebook.

"The Hubris of Icarus: Women Who Fly Into the Sun," TOR.COM
August 29, 2017

there are two kinds of hubris.

"A woman, explaining things," B&N Sci-fi
July 21, 2017

there's a new doctor in town.

"River song in hades," Tor.com
July 18, 2017

the connections between River song and persephone are deep but threatening.

"Why millenials yearn for magical school," uncanny magazine
July 2017

we were told that there was a better world waiting for us. 

"bread and circuses," B&N Sci-fi
July 7, 2017

an examination of the escapism inherent in circus narratives.

"On feasting," B&N Sci-fi
June 19, 2017

on the colonialist underpinnings of feast narratives in fantasy literature.

"Facing Facts: American Identity is Based on Alternate History," TOR.COM
May 4, 2017

the fiction of american history is the best alternate history ever written.

"city of villains: why i don't trust batman," uncanny magazine
May 2, 2017

can there be a billionaire playboy in a just world?

"The literary art of drunken secret-telling," B&N Sci-fi
May 2, 2017

an analysis of the ways writers rely on booze, and not just to forget the characters we've killed.

"The ecology of alt-history," B&N Sci-fi
April 19, 2017

the connections between ecology and the structure of alternate history

"Sarah Gailey Yelling About Books: Max Gladstone’s Hugo-Nominated Craft Sequence," B&N Sci-fi
April 5, 2017

"The Woman in white," TOR.COM
March 21, 2017

an examination of the role of costuming in storytelling.

"10 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books That Will Remind You What Joy Feels Like," B&N Sci-fi
March 20, 2017

"The Badass black tank top walks the line," TOR.COM
March 8, 2017

an examination of the role of costuming in storytelling.

"The Allure of the Red dress," TOR.COM
February 23, 2017

an examination of the role of costuming in storytelling.

"A Well-Worn Story: Examining Iconic SFF costumes," TOR.COM
February 7, 2017

an examination of the role of costuming in storytelling.

"minerva bright and burning," TOR.COM
January 3, 2017

She who has hidden, and fought, and hidden, and fought. She who has never laughed in the face of danger—she who has instead stood and faced it with a straight back and a thin-lipped, unamused stare. If anyone has the right to say “do your duty,” it’s Minerva.
[part of the women of harry potter series]

"Relentless Optimism," TOR.COM
December 13, 2016

Luna has spent years being told to give up. She has spent years being told that if she doesn’t give up, she’ll be left alone, barefoot and reviled. She has spent years among the Ravenclaws, being treated as stupid because she will not bend to cynicism.
[part of the women of harry potter series]

"Evil in Authority," TOR.COM
November 28, 2016

We trust that the system will stand strong against evil. We hope that it will break before it allows us to bleed. But sometimes, it doesn’t break. Sometimes, it doesn’t even crack. Sometimes, it just… bends.
[part of the women of harry potter series]

"Molly Weasley: Rebel Par Excellence," TOR.COM
OCTOBER 31, 2016

molly weasley fights.
[part of the women of harry potter series]

"Ginny weasley is not impressed," TOR.COM
OCTOBER 31, 2016

Ginny weasley is not impressed by your nonsense.
[part of the women of harry potter series]

"Mentally ill women belong in your stories, too," TOR.COM
OCTOBER 17, 2016

literary fiction loves stories of mentally ill women - so, why doesn't genre love us?

"Why We Write About Witches," TOR.COM
October 03, 2016

When we write witches, we are writing about our expectations of women, and what we hope—and fear—they would do if they had access to power.

"Hermione Granger: More than a sidekick," TOR.COM
September 20, 2016

When Harry’s not there, Hermione is busy. She’s not waiting for him. She decided at some point that it wasn’t Harry’s story, it was everyone’s story, and she acts accordingly.
[part of the women of harry potter series]

"Do Better: Sexual Violence in SFF," TOR.COM
AUGUST 22, 2016

I don’t want to accept “that’s unrealistic” for an answer from a genre that typically takes “that’s unrealistic” as a prompt.

"In Defense of villainesses," tor.com
August 09, 2016

a defense of cartoon villainesses. What could you become if you burned all the bridges that were holding you back?

MAY 2016

a personal essay exploring post-traumatic stress disorder. content warning: misogynist slurs, mention of assault and violence.

"The Harry Potter series is actually one long story about PTSD," Mashable
February 11, 2016

an examination of themes of trauma and trauma recovery in the harry potter books

"Character-Driven Narrative (Or: How to Make Fictional People Do All The Work)," Fantasy Literature Magazine.
January 2016

In this three-part column at Expanded Universe, I explore and workshop character-driven narrative.
Part 1  ~  Part 2 ~ Part 3